Careerealism: What They Don’t Tell You about Being an EP (Repost)

Work smarter, not harder. That’s the motto I attempt to live my life by and recently I broke that rule. I spent well over an hour over the past 2 weeks trying to locate an article my preceptor showed me about what the life of an emergency physician is like. What not to do: search every combination of phrases you vaguely remember, in every order, on any credible website you … Continue reading Careerealism: What They Don’t Tell You about Being an EP (Repost)

Simple Foreign Body Removal from the Eye

So I’ve been performing eye exams on and off for the past 4 months. First in a emergency room up north and now at an occupational health clinic. If anything, I’ve learned 2 things: (1) everyone does the examination differently but every step gets done. (2) You’re going to see a lot of eye injuries. Human’s eyes are just asking to be injured. They are wide open every second you’re … Continue reading Simple Foreign Body Removal from the Eye

Mnemonic for Urgent Hemodialysis

So I’m going to keep this post short & sweet. Today my preceptor and myself ran through a really interesting case about hyperkalemia (elevated blood potassium). Interestingly one of the potential urgent treatments was dialysis. Did I remember this? Yes. Did I remember all the other potential cases for urgently dialyzing someone? Nope. But you bet your arse I do now thanks to the mnemonic AEIOU. For starters there are two … Continue reading Mnemonic for Urgent Hemodialysis

American College of Physicians (ACOP) New Guidelines for Treating Low Back Pain

So today my lead preceptor was super exited right from the get-go. A fresh off the press study by the American College of Physicians (ACOP) daringly suggested what their occupational health clinic had been practicing for >15 years: manage low back pain alternatively before attempting opioids & save surgery as the absolute last option. Not the first. This is crucial for several reasons. (1) It has been estimated that over 80% of Americans will experience low back pain … Continue reading American College of Physicians (ACOP) New Guidelines for Treating Low Back Pain

Mnemonic for GI Bleeds

So today my preceptor gave us 2 cases! This was a complete surprise since (1) we’ve never done more than 1 case in a day and (2) it’s a Monday, our busiest day of the week. Thankfully not today. I was especially excited for the first case since its topic was “GI Bleed”. Instead of presenting the whole case, for now I’m just going to explain the mnemonic for … Continue reading Mnemonic for GI Bleeds

Quick & Efficient Hand Examination

I’ve slowly realized how critical being able to perform a quick & thorough evaluation of the hand is. While my occupation health rotation has me seeing more shoulder and knee cases each week, the hand has been frustrating. With such a small body area relative to a shoulder or knee, there’s a lot of information a clinician needs to obtain and relay to others effectively. Until … Continue reading Quick & Efficient Hand Examination

15 not so obvious Emergency Medicine apps

So my preceptor today showed me a great article covering the “dark side” of emergency medicine. I only got 3 paragraphs in before I was promptly whisked in another direction, unable to finish my read. It was so good I spent >20 minutes tonight searching Google with the 3 unique words I barely remember in an attempt to share it with my readers (still haven’t found it). … Continue reading 15 not so obvious Emergency Medicine apps

EKG Refresher Videos

I’ve always been one to struggle with interpreting EKG (ECG) quickly and efficiently. When pimped, it’s typically a question set I inevitably fumble through & being a potential EM resident this is absolutely “no bueno“. So I decided to take initiative and do what us busy white coat students do best: locate quality, succinct information ASAP through the web. Here’s what I found: two excellent YouTube tutorials under … Continue reading EKG Refresher Videos