The Return of a Blogger. The challenge & a Promise.

Well… I’m back b*****s! Haha It’s been exactly 227 days since I made a post. And I would know since Google counted it for me. So much has happened since then! I’ve wanted to post. I wanted to blog, vlog, chat, scream, cry, celebrate… and not to lie I did all of those (except the first 2). And it was all due to the beast … Continue reading The Return of a Blogger. The challenge & a Promise.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard: “When life gives you shit, make Kool-Aid” – 9/10

For all intensive purposes this movie should’ve sucked. It is all the pieces to create another Hollywood flop: overused main actors, generic storyline, slightly lengthy runtime, no particular reason to see this movie over the other far superior cinematic experiences currently available at the box office nearest you AND with the release date at the end of summer which artificially makes all life events seem … Continue reading The Hitman’s Bodyguard: “When life gives you shit, make Kool-Aid” – 9/10

Dropping NICU Knowledge, PIMP City

So tomorrow is the end for me. I’ve been on my pediatric rotation now for 2 weeks, seen a lot of interesting cases, worked in both an outpatient clinic and an peds emergency room (thank you site for offering that!) but tomorrow I start in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) under a (supposedly) intense attending who’s out for medical student blood! So far my medical … Continue reading Dropping NICU Knowledge, PIMP City

‘Beauty and the Beast’, Magical AF – 9.5/10

Contrary to my last theater film (John Wick 2) I went into this one expecting not to like it. It’s a Disney remake for crying out loud. The original is great and there’s zero reason to mess with it and make a verbatim live action, Emma Watson infused, follow up. (Besides being an blatantly obvious money grab of course!) So I had my doubts as well as zero … Continue reading ‘Beauty and the Beast’, Magical AF – 9.5/10

‘John Wick: Chapter 2’, Action Does Not Replace Laziness – 6/10

I wanted to like this movie. No, I wanted to LOVE this movie. Every male around me who’s seen it raves about it! My father, my classmates, even the random dude I talked to in an Uber last week all say the same thing: “This movie is ‘Merica. From start to finish there’s death and destruction and you’ll absolutely get your money’s worth!” So did I … Continue reading ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’, Action Does Not Replace Laziness – 6/10

Free Otitis Media Lectures!

I didn’t realize how poor I was at using the otoscope until this first week of Pediatrics. While I visualized hundreds of tympanic membranes (TMs) in 60 year old men while on occupational medicine, unfortunately 2 year olds with ear infections don’t sit still very long, or at all. What’s worse, even if the child restrains themselves just long enough to visual the TM, I struggle describing & diagnosing what I … Continue reading Free Otitis Media Lectures!

Pediatric Tips & Tricks

So I’ve officially been on my Peds service for a full 2-days and I’ve already learned a lot! Kids are fun, parents are great, and the pace is nothing like the emergency room or even occupational health, which I just finished after 3 months. It’s definitely a welcomed change. 🙂 While my immune system is in overdrive attempting to keep me alive just long enough to see the … Continue reading Pediatric Tips & Tricks

Nintendo Switch First Impressions!

Impulse purchase! Well not really. I’ve been thinking about the Nintendo Switch ever since it’s keynote on January 13th, 2017. It’s the newest gaming console, it’s unique, the N64 is my favorite video game system of all time and most importantly I love gaming on the sofa with my buddies. So naturally the Switch is a perfect fit: the console launched February 27th and is sold out everywhere till Easter, … Continue reading Nintendo Switch First Impressions!