ACEP 2021

ACEP is the greatest thing imaginable. Honestly I thought it would be good, but it was just freaking awesome. If you’re not Emergency Medicine (good for you. Less stress and literally years saved outside the walls of your local library/coffee shop) then let me explain: ACEP stands for the “American College of Emergency Physician” and they host a national convention. Once a year. Every year. … Continue reading ACEP 2021

Getting Learnt. LEGO! Toxicology Ep. 1

A full year of residency DONE. Large accomplishments and small, they all meant something. I had a strange feeling year to say the least. In my intern year of my program I spent eight of the first nine months in the emergency department. The only non-ED month at the start was Anesthesia. AWESOME attendings who made me read A LOT. No joke. I never have … Continue reading Getting Learnt. LEGO! Toxicology Ep. 1

The Return of a Blogger. The challenge & a Promise.

Well… I’m back b*****s! Haha It’s been exactly 227 days since I made a post. And I would know since Google counted it for me. So much has happened since then! I’ve wanted to post. I wanted to blog, vlog, chat, scream, cry, celebrate… and not to lie I did all of those (except the first 2). And it was all due to the beast … Continue reading The Return of a Blogger. The challenge & a Promise.

Dropping NICU Knowledge, PIMP City

So tomorrow is the end for me. I’ve been on my pediatric rotation now for 2 weeks, seen a lot of interesting cases, worked in both an outpatient clinic and an peds emergency room (thank you site for offering that!) but tomorrow I start in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) under a (supposedly) intense attending who’s out for medical student blood! So far my medical … Continue reading Dropping NICU Knowledge, PIMP City

Free Otitis Media Lectures!

I didn’t realize how poor I was at using the otoscope until this first week of Pediatrics. While I visualized hundreds of tympanic membranes (TMs) in 60 year old men while on occupational medicine, unfortunately 2 year olds with ear infections don’t sit still very long, or at all. What’s worse, even if the child restrains themselves just long enough to visual the TM, I struggle describing & diagnosing what I … Continue reading Free Otitis Media Lectures!

Shoulder Dislocations 101

The shoulder is the #1 dislocated joint in the body. I would wage that nearly everyone either knows someone who’s experienced one or will at some point in their medical career assist in their reduction. Ahhh that ‘clunk’ is so satisfying! So might as well learn a few things before helping, right? The goal is to facilitate key points about these dislocations from which are most common, sensitive tests for diagnosing and a few radiographic … Continue reading Shoulder Dislocations 101

Free Dermatology Lectures

So I know a guy. That’s because he’s the 4th year medical student I’ve worked with all month. By happenstance we chatted about fun rotations/services we’ve been on and he mentioned Dermatology. Now I think Derm is “unique” to say the least: It requires the highest board scores & medical school GPA’s to match. The residences/attending’s are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet (second to pediatricians) and importantly … Continue reading Free Dermatology Lectures

Updated Burn Scale

It’s crazy how fast medicine changes! It first hits you when your preceptor references some archaic medical skill you’ve never heard of or when you get word some legendary older attending retired because they weren’t efficient using a computer (seriously, it’s quite common). But then it starts getting weird. Some fresh out of residency attending attempts to give you studying advice only to give them a strange stare since … Continue reading Updated Burn Scale

Simple Chemical Burns to the Eye

If you haven’t read my earlier post about simple foreign body removal from the eye please do so since a lot of the material covered will be similar. However, treating a chemical or fine particle injury to the eye is very different. Hence this writeup. Here, there’s nothing physical in the eye to remove but the patient is still in significant pain. I can remember specifically one patient who got a face-full … Continue reading Simple Chemical Burns to the Eye