Getting Learnt. LEGO! Toxicology Ep. 1

A full year of residency DONE. Large accomplishments and small, they all meant something. I had a strange feeling year to say the least. In my intern year of my program I spent eight of the first nine months in the emergency department. The only non-ED month at the start was Anesthesia. AWESOME attendings who made me read A LOT. No joke. I never have … Continue reading Getting Learnt. LEGO! Toxicology Ep. 1

The Return of a Blogger. The challenge & a Promise.

Well… I’m back b*****s! Haha It’s been exactly 227 days since I made a post. And I would know since Google counted it for me. So much has happened since then! I’ve wanted to post. I wanted to blog, vlog, chat, scream, cry, celebrate… and not to lie I did all of those (except the first 2). And it was all due to the beast … Continue reading The Return of a Blogger. The challenge & a Promise.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard: “When life gives you shit, make Kool-Aid” – 9/10

For all intensive purposes this movie should’ve sucked. It is all the pieces to create another Hollywood flop: overused main actors, generic storyline, slightly lengthy runtime, no particular reason to see this movie over the other far superior cinematic experiences currently available at the box office nearest you AND with the release date at the end of summer which artificially makes all life events seem … Continue reading The Hitman’s Bodyguard: “When life gives you shit, make Kool-Aid” – 9/10

Pediatric Tips & Tricks

So I’ve officially been on my Peds service for a full 2-days and I’ve already learned a lot! Kids are fun, parents are great, and the pace is nothing like the emergency room or even occupational health, which I just finished after 3 months. It’s definitely a welcomed change. 🙂 While my immune system is in overdrive attempting to keep me alive just long enough to see the … Continue reading Pediatric Tips & Tricks

Nintendo Switch First Impressions!

Impulse purchase! Well not really. I’ve been thinking about the Nintendo Switch ever since it’s keynote on January 13th, 2017. It’s the newest gaming console, it’s unique, the N64 is my favorite video game system of all time and most importantly I love gaming on the sofa with my buddies. So naturally the Switch is a perfect fit: the console launched February 27th and is sold out everywhere till Easter, … Continue reading Nintendo Switch First Impressions!

Scottsdale ‘Cars and Coffee’

I love car shows! I’ve been going to them since I was a kid. However, everything with time gets old. Same location, same cars, nothing jarringly exciting means your mind eventually goes numb to the experience. And it’s frustrating since I’ve attended great events over the years! The show I most frequently attended when I lived in Arizona was the Pavilion’s car show in Scottsdale, AZ (map). It takes place … Continue reading Scottsdale ‘Cars and Coffee’

Kris Bryant Prank & DIY Modern Sofa

So I’m currently drafting up my first teaching case (which I promised way back when) but it started taking too long so I’ll finish that later. However, I don’t want to not post something so here’s 2 Kris Bryant prank videos & another totally unrelated DIY video I enjoyed this week: (1) Reigning baseball MVP and World Series hero Kris Bryant thinks he’s shooting a baseball workout … Continue reading Kris Bryant Prank & DIY Modern Sofa

The Anxiety of Match. It’s Real.

It’s exactly 364 days till I match and I’m already petrified. Where will I match? How high on my rank list will it be? Which program? Which state? Will I be near my family or in the middle of nowhere practice medicine on a buffalo? Once the ball starts rolling your brain doesn’t stop. It’s relentless. It’s a wheel constantly turning in the back of your … Continue reading The Anxiety of Match. It’s Real.