Smarter Every Day (Times 2)

So it finally hit me. It took 4 years of college, 2 years of a master’s program and 3 years of medical school for me to finally not feel dumb anymore. Up until last week if you asked me if I felt smart I would have answered absolutely not. Now though, depending on the mood/day/hanger status, I might actually answer “maybe”. You would think anyone in medical … Continue reading Smarter Every Day (Times 2)

Jia Jiang on Rejection – Ted Talk

I’ll keep this short for studying purposes. I love coming upon the right thing at the right time. Who doesn’t? Somethings it just feels like fate. So I’m about to start driving home with nothing to listen to (darn YouTubers and their non-daily uploads), when I start scrolling through YouTube’s “suggestion” column. That in itself is a dangerous place. YouTube is crazy accurate at pushing  everything you want to … Continue reading Jia Jiang on Rejection – Ted Talk

Introducing The Verge

So I love tech. A lot. There’s not typically one sole channel I use to obtain all my reviews/information from and that’s probably a good thing. When a new product is being released I simply put its name in Google/YouTube and start clicking away. This way I see a lot of content really quickly from a bunch of different sources without basing my thoughts around one … Continue reading Introducing The Verge

Introducing Dom Mazzetti

Tuesday quickly came and passed with an outstanding senior student’s last day (leaving an obvious void), an incredible amount of laughs and a surprising number of interesting & unique patients. I kept track of the numerous things I will write about in the coming days but I decided on something different for today. His name, Dom Mazzetti. Dom is a fictional character played by Mike Tornabene and co-written/shot by his … Continue reading Introducing Dom Mazzetti