Smarter Every Day (Times 2)

So it finally hit me. It took 4 years of college, 2 years of a master’s program and 3 years of medical school for me to finally not feel dumb anymore. Up until last week if you asked me if I felt smart I would have answered absolutely not. Now though, depending on the mood/day/hanger status, I might actually answer “maybe”. You would think anyone in medical … Continue reading Smarter Every Day (Times 2)

Introducing The Verge

So I love tech. A lot. There’s not typically one sole channel I use to obtain all my reviews/information from and that’s probably a good thing. When a new product is being released I simply put its name in Google/YouTube and start clicking away. This way I see a lot of content really quickly from a bunch of different sources without basing my thoughts around one … Continue reading Introducing The Verge

Introducing Dom Mazzetti

Tuesday quickly came and passed with an outstanding senior student’s last day (leaving an obvious void), an incredible amount of laughs and a surprising number of interesting & unique patients. I kept track of the numerous things I will write about in the coming days but I decided on something different for today. His name, Dom Mazzetti. Dom is a fictional character played by Mike Tornabene and co-written/shot by his … Continue reading Introducing Dom Mazzetti

EKG Refresher Videos

I’ve always been one to struggle with interpreting EKG (ECG) quickly and efficiently. When pimped, it’s typically a question set I inevitably fumble through & being a potential EM resident this is absolutely “no bueno“. So I decided to take initiative and do what us busy white coat students do best: locate quality, succinct information ASAP through the web. Here’s what I found: two excellent YouTube tutorials under … Continue reading EKG Refresher Videos