ACEP 2021

ACEP is the greatest thing imaginable. Honestly I thought it would be good, but it was just freaking awesome. If you’re not Emergency Medicine (good for you. Less stress and literally years saved outside the walls of your local library/coffee shop) then let me explain: ACEP stands for the “American College of Emergency Physician” and they host a national convention. Once a year. Every year. … Continue reading ACEP 2021

Shoulder Dislocations 101

The shoulder is the #1 dislocated joint in the body. I would wage that nearly everyone either knows someone who’s experienced one or will at some point in their medical career assist in their reduction. Ahhh that ‘clunk’ is so satisfying! So might as well learn a few things before helping, right? The goal is to facilitate key points about these dislocations from which are most common, sensitive tests for diagnosing and a few radiographic … Continue reading Shoulder Dislocations 101

Updated Burn Scale

It’s crazy how fast medicine changes! It first hits you when your preceptor references some archaic medical skill you’ve never heard of or when you get word some legendary older attending retired because they weren’t efficient using a computer (seriously, it’s quite common). But then it starts getting weird. Some fresh out of residency attending attempts to give you studying advice only to give them a strange stare since … Continue reading Updated Burn Scale

Simple Chemical Burns to the Eye

If you haven’t read my earlier post about simple foreign body removal from the eye please do so since a lot of the material covered will be similar. However, treating a chemical or fine particle injury to the eye is very different. Hence this writeup. Here, there’s nothing physical in the eye to remove but the patient is still in significant pain. I can remember specifically one patient who got a face-full … Continue reading Simple Chemical Burns to the Eye

Careerealism: What They Don’t Tell You about Being an EP (Repost)

Work smarter, not harder. That’s the motto I attempt to live my life by and recently I broke that rule. I spent well over an hour over the past 2 weeks trying to locate an article my preceptor showed me about what the life of an emergency physician is like. What not to do: search every combination of phrases you vaguely remember, in every order, on any credible website you … Continue reading Careerealism: What They Don’t Tell You about Being an EP (Repost)

Simple Foreign Body Removal from the Eye

So I’ve been performing eye exams on and off for the past 4 months. First in a emergency room up north and now at an occupational health clinic. If anything, I’ve learned 2 things: (1) everyone does the examination differently but every step gets done. (2) You’re going to see a lot of eye injuries. Human’s eyes are just asking to be injured. They are wide open every second you’re … Continue reading Simple Foreign Body Removal from the Eye

Mnemonic for GI Bleeds

So today my preceptor gave us 2 cases! This was a complete surprise since (1) we’ve never done more than 1 case in a day and (2) it’s a Monday, our busiest day of the week. Thankfully not today. I was especially excited for the first case since its topic was “GI Bleed”. Instead of presenting the whole case, for now I’m just going to explain the mnemonic for … Continue reading Mnemonic for GI Bleeds

15 not so obvious Emergency Medicine apps

So my preceptor today showed me a great article covering the “dark side” of emergency medicine. I only got 3 paragraphs in before I was promptly whisked in another direction, unable to finish my read. It was so good I spent >20 minutes tonight searching Google with the 3 unique words I barely remember in an attempt to share it with my readers (still haven’t found it). … Continue reading 15 not so obvious Emergency Medicine apps