Musical Picks For All The Reasons

So I’m furious right now. Nothing seems to have gone my way the last week-ish. It’s all wildly first world problems but mannn, they just keep coming! I ordered several of the wrong things on Amazon, I break my TV trying to install a soundbar (which I absolutely didn’t need), my mortgage check bounced anddd I sliced the tip of my finger open while installing … Continue reading Musical Picks For All The Reasons

February Music of the Month

So I was driving to work on Friday and came across a fun new song by The Weeknd. That compiled with a music video I was sent of several IIT Roorkee engineering students dancing to Ed Sheeran’s latest hit & two other songs I’ve been listening to on repeat drove me to share all four. Enjoy 🙂 The Weeknd – I Feel It Coming ft. Daft Punk (fan made lyrics music video since … Continue reading February Music of the Month