The Return of a Blogger. The challenge & a Promise.

Well… I’m back b*****s! Haha It’s been exactly 227 days since I made a post. And I would know since Google counted it for me. So much has happened since then! I’ve wanted to post. I wanted to blog, vlog, chat, scream, cry, celebrate… and not to lie I did all of those (except the first 2). And it was all due to the beast itself, the match.

To back up even further, fourth year of medical school was far worse then I could have imagined. It cost a fortune, it was unhealthily stressful, no two weeks were the same let alone two day, no fun could be had without extreme guilt that someone was stealing my future match slot and many many semi-important family events and socials were missed in the bigger hopes of a bright future. And let me tell you, it payed off. I landed my top choice emergency residency program and I couldn’t be more excited! And nervous. Haha

lsu-match-day-blaine-lovetrojpg-6cae832ddeeecb82(Gosh I love this photo. It’s LSU’s Blaine Lovetro celebrating her successful match! I’ve never met her but she sure sums up every medical student’s feelings if you’re lucky enough to get your top tip on that very emotional day. Haha)

Personally, envisioning going from a fourth year medical student to an intern sounds insane! You go from seeing someone else’s patient to your own. You go from bumbling through a new EMR system every month with no dictation access to getting one for 3 years and if you suck at using it your consequence is hours more work everyday and crappy notes. Patients lives actually depend on you & your hasty decisions and if you fuck up enough times everyone one around you will hate you. Worst off, you’re not going anywhere! It’s not like your just the “dim medical student passing through”. Nope. You’re the shitty resident and you’re here to stay. Attending’s cringe when they see you, nurses seem to disappear when you need them most, and patients personally request to not see you. Ouch.

Let’s be clear though. That’s not me. But if you’re in the medical profession we’ve all seen “that person”. The one we’re shocked they made it through school, successfully matched, is an attending and is getting paid big bucks… to suck! And seeing that petrifies me. How can an intern be any good?! Our hours in the spot light are so minimal! Our procedure counts are on one hand! Our bedside manners are gold… but while that does matter, it now doesn’t. It’s whether you know the answer or not. Plain and simple. For this exact reason right after I matched (which was last Friday), I took a miniature vacation to absorb the fact that I landed the job of my dreams as well as the unhealthily large tequila shot the random yuppie at Culinary Dropout bought me last night before the studying gets really, really serious. But thank you bay area guy! I needed that drink. haha

So here’s where I go from here: I feel bad for not blogging. Seriously. Prior to being 27 years old I never blogged. I thought it was stupid, that I didn’t have time, and that no one would read my crap. Man was I wrong! While I do get website visitor statistics on my phone (if I choose to look) I honestly don’t think much of them. Some days I get zero (rightfully so), some days 7 and on magical day 50. As long as I’m not getting 1,000+ viewers a day and have interview requests from CNN/Fox/The Onion to “explain myself”, I’m happy. What did hit home was upon visiting several friends last week, some friends or friends mentioned my blog and how they enjoyed the content and missed me posting. Wait. WHAT!? Realize that people. What’s on the internet is open to anyone with access and eyes. Mind. Blown. Boom.


Even more so, since I thoroughly enjoy blogging I’m going to get back into it. Most of the views I have are on the movie review posts. Would you believe it if I told you that the last review I wrote “The Hitman’s Bodyguards” obtained 1,000+ views. WTF. That movie probably didn’t get 1,000+ views in the theaters. Haha just kidding. But since that’s what people read I want to write more of them since it’s so much fun. New 2018 goals: Get a second blog post past 1,000 views! In the coming days/weeks I have a lot of backlogged blogging material. Tips for 3rd/4th year medical students, movies, electronic reviews and more! And since I’m on a mini-vacy I want to get some of those out soon-ish. So let this be my return to the land of blogging and my simple promise that I will blog at least once a month, if not more, and enjoy it while I do it! No fuss no muss. Let this be a long sigh of relief that I matched and that I now have a new place to call home in the coming years and a beginning to a new bright road. Let’s getter’ done blog fam!

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