Musical Picks For All The Reasons

So I’m furious right now. Nothing seems to have gone my way the last week-ish. It’s all wildly first world problems but mannn, they just keep coming! I ordered several of the wrong things on Amazon, I break my TV trying to install a soundbar (which I absolutely didn’t need), my mortgage check bounced anddd I sliced the tip of my finger open while installing a mirror (which didn’t need to be hung). So to fight back against the dark cloud I write to y’all. The following are a condensed list of songs I’ve been enjoying recently and a quick blurb about why I selected each. Mind you my taste is vast from classical to rock to jazz to Kpop to Jrap to YouTube covers of everything. So let it begin. 🙂

Found this one today actually! Takes ~30 seconds to get going but man I miss the good old 30-Second To Mars / Tokyo Hotel type of music. I haven’t listened to this genre in ages but I have several friends (Dan enters the chat) who would enjoy this!

When I’m in a better mood this has quickly become my weekend jam. It’s fun. It’s simple. It’s country. Niko Moon can literally only have a good time so you should too. 🙂

Never heard of Bryce before but the song teeters on the verge of creepy while remaining soulful and silky smooth. I find myself crawling back to it every few days and rocking out in public probably a little more than I should.

What do I even need to say here: Jay Park. He’s my #1 favorite artist. Seen him in person perform and he’s incredible. He’s fun, young, b-boy, Kpop artist, has his own music company and is actually signed now to Jay-Z’s label and he features a host of fun/talented artists in most of his new tracks. I’ve listened to this one for over a year now and ain’t getting old any time soon. Since I thoroughly realize the majority of my audience isn’t into Kpop I’ll label this my unofficial fan-boy section and leave some others here too. 365&7. All The Way Up. I Don’t Love You. Loco. Drive. Switch It Up. Sexy 4Eva.

NF needed two spaces. He’s hard. He’s direct. He’s a lyrical genius. There were at least three more I wanted to add (Lost, That’s A Joke, Story) but this shouldn’t be a “NF post”. That’s for another day. You have to be in the mood for his music but for a kid who grew up around Eminem this fills the void his semi-absence left.

Man I lovem’ both. G-Eazy (1, 2) & Blackbear (1, 2, 3) make a great duo. They’re both excellent on their own but I think they both really shine when they’re featured with other artists. Can’t say enough good things besides “hide yo kids and hide yo wives” when you’re watching their music videos

While unfortunately I’ve heard some of the terrible things that have come out of Morgan Wallens mouth through trash television I have also heard some of the heart felt songs this guy can write and sing. Props to him for making my new favorite track (above) and several other hits in the past. Hope the future looks bright than the past for this dude. 1, 2, 3.

Thanks to an ex I have absolutely fallen in love with Spanish music. It’s passionate, it’s fun, it’s danceable, the women are drop dead gorgeous and their haircuts/sun glasses are top. notch. Maluma, baby!

Cheatcodes! Dude, they’re who I wanna be. Tats, chillin’, that style of music, it’s just fun. I can crank the car stereo up all the way playing their music with no regrets. Definitely a winner in my book. 1, 2, 3.

We’ll end on a fun note. When an artist tries something outta their wheel house and it isn’t a complete disaster, I’ll nod by cowboy hat to you. Thanks Posty! 1, 2, 3.

Well I could go on and on and on but I kinda need to sleep and study. Hope at least one of you found a song that was enjoyable. If you’ve got a sec comment a song you’re listening to at the moment and I’ll reply back with my thoughts. Also I’ll sneak this one in after 12:01am so it counts for the next day… in the event I get busy I won’t absolutely fail my mission on the first day. Thanks~


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