Doctoring Depression

Today is a memorable day on rotation. Seeing new patients, diseases, interesting pathology and above all thankfully some down time. My attending did an amazing thing today. He tasked us not with the usual “look up this disease process for tomorrow and present it”, which is all too familiar to us medical students. Instead he asked the 3rd year and myself “have you read Dr. Eric Levi’s “The Dark Side of Doctoring”? Obviously no. Never heard of the guy or his work but THANKFULLY I have now. He’s another WordPress blogger/author who happens to be a surgeon who unfortunately lost a friend/college recently to suicide. If you’re in the medical field, know someone who is, know someone that’s currently affected by depression or simply interested in the topic Eric’s read is 100% worth your time. While it does an excellent job of highlighting what medicine in 2017 does to a strong and confident individuals is undeniably powerful, his writing more importantly demonstrates in his following 2 writings (yes it’s a trilogy if you can spare the time) steps to overcoming those crushing demons. Great blog that I’m thankful I was shown. Enjoy~

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