The Return of a… HEY!

Man I suck. I remember writing my last post titled “The Return of a Blogger. The challenge & a Promise“. I was trapped in a Subaru dealership in Mesa, Arizona. I had literally nothing to do, no rental car, a thousand thoughts zipping through my mind and my laptop. Oh it was on. I was going to write a blog post that day or die. I was fired up! I love writing these, saying I was going to do one a month sounded so easy. Fast forward a couple more days I was back in Illinois, back in medical school, back shitting the bed about matching into residency. Fast forward a couple more months I had bought a house, moved my ass & my dog into it and started my emergency medicine residency and it’s been a blur since! I’ve completed 8 months EM, 1 anesthesia and now I’m on OB… and again my car in at a Subaru dealership in another wonderful southern state (not AZ), doing the 90k mile checkup, with all afternoon to myself, staring at a laptop with all day ahead of me. I again have a million blog ideas and I hope to push a few out. But man, I’ll be honest. It’s tough to write consistently and I give major props to anyone that does it now. A simple (semi-acceptable) blog takes me hours to write since I’m a perfectionist. I get my grammer-nazi friends messaging me when I post it due to minor errors everywhere, I criticize my own work later, etc. I wonder the direction in which I want to take my blog. ZERO successful YouTube channel / website I come across cover more than one topic well. Let alone what am I trying to do with this website? Games! Movies! Medicine! Lifestyle bitchings! haha. Gotta work on that… Maybe.

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 1.04.05 PM
(Left) How I feel when I drive my car to work. (Right) What would actually happen if I tried anything cool. Guaranteed. I would 100% end up on a hard spine-board with my own attendings looking down at me while EMS give a report of my stupidity. Shame, shame, shame…

I will be honest though. When I swipe over on my iPhone and see the blogs statics you would assume since I haven’t logged on/written in over… 6 MONTHS that it would be zero views a day? Nope. There’s always one or two beings that get lost on my site and it makes me smile. Thanks guys! I’m sure most are when WordPress “suggest” my terrible site, someone clicks over, sees how disconnected/elementary it is, then proceed to escape as quickly as possible to immediately flush theirs eyes out at the sink with fresh lemons. Sorry! I’m trying to get better. I promise! (but not like the last promise I made of publishing once a month. I failed hard. No excuses. I suck! If y’all know me request a $1 on Venmo and I’ll send it your way). Sooo… where does that leave us? Today? Moving forward? I DON’T KNOW! LEAVE ME ALONE! Hahaha I’m kidding. I have been wanting to publish my thoughts on the Game of Thrones episodes that have been making my week these last two Sundays! Also may… add some medicine crap in there but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I have mock oral boards next, 3 presentations to create from PowerPoint scratch, trauma rotation to prepare for which I will 100% get reamed on and I gotta walk my dog/eat/shit every day so cut a man some slack! I’ll get better. I hope.

SPOILERS! Found this somewhere on Facebook last night. SO TRUE!

Anyways thanks to any readers. I’ll be back! You and me are both still alive and kicken’ and I hope y’all are having a great year. 2019 is awesome and weren’t not even half way through. LEGO!

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