Favorite (2021) Amazon Purchases

I’m constantly on Amazon. They must literally have millions of my dollars. Every year when I have to pay for Amazon Prime I cringe. I scream. I’m so mad. $120/year of THAT?! Then like 3-days later I’m ordering ~42 things from them, arriving the next day, and I’m like “good good. Best purchase of my life (again). So glad I have Prime. Never would I ever NOT have it”. So after too many purchases to count I have selected a couple I would definitely recommend picking up if it: applies to your life, you’ve got a couple extra bucks to spare and you wanna try something new.

1). USB-C like Apple MagSafe adapter ($25). This thing arrived last week and I love it. It does exactly what I wanted it to do. My old 2012 MacBook had this magnetic attachment for the power supply so if the dog bumped into the cord or you forgot the laptop was attached to the wall, and you yanked it, the laptop would magnetically separate from the cord and your prized possession (your laptop) would be safe without getting bent/damaged. My new M1 2020 MacBook didn’t have this feature. What the heck? There’s even a green indicator when it’s working and can be used on any USB-C input/device.

2). Pocket UV Blacklight Penlight (x2 for $15). I do at least one fluorescence eye exam each shift. Someone’s eye is always hurting, has a foreign body sensation, facial trauma, etc. You know what’s never returned to where I last left it? You guessed it, the huge-*** UV lamp. So F-it. Why not keep a 7 buck replacement in your bag that saves the headache and essentially pays for itself with one use? Exactly. Quality it’s NASA approved but you automatically get two so I didn’t complain.

3). Cheap smart scale ($30). Knowing your weight isn’t shameful, it’s insight. Knowing your body composition isn’t “useless information”, it’s literally you. How much fat, muscle, density this/that, it’s a number. It changes over time and with some dedication and hard work can get exponentially better. It can pair with all the Apple health apps and is pretty cool to trend over time. Is it perfect and as accurate as a Boston scientific research center? No, but it’s closer than guessing and makes for a fun party-trick if brought out at the right BAC level.

4). Smart device outlet mounts (~$10). These are neat! I hate cables. You click your device into them, wrap the cables under the device and mount it flush directly to the wall. No wasted space, doesn’t interfere with the other plug and frees up your counter-space and makes you look just a little less like a pig (Liz). With a little research you can find them for literally any Google/Amazon/Ring-Ping-Ling-Ting device out there.

5). One good external battery pack ($30). You’ll never catch me dead without an external battery back. I’m at a coffee shop now, tomorrow, 5/7 days I’m not working. Some coffee shops have enough power outlets to be on “Tool Time” with Al Borland, others seem to be make under candle light and never updated. This one can charge 3 devices at once. Today it charged my friends MacBook Pro laptop, can handle my large iPad/iPhone and pretty much anything to doesn’t require a 3-pronged wall outlet. This one’s a little heavy but since I can get multiple charges outta once device I’ve kept it around and always charged up.

6). Zoirushi “King” thermos ($25). Thing’s a beast. Keeps whatever is in it cold/hot allllll shift. I’m not a coffee dude. Not a soda dude. Not a water dude. I don’t drink since I don’t like to pee 12x a shift. But that’s also why I’m always falling asleep, have had two kidney stones and my urine is so dark you can’t see the toilet wall behind it (jokes). This thermos is the best! Has an awesome, reliable, flip-type latch that is a fidget spinner/addicts best friend. Recommended to me by multiple CRNA’s. I’ve since bought two for myself, have given them to friends and jump anytime there’s a sale.

That’s all for now! Gotta get back to studying. Been thinking about this blog for a while. I’m studying at Agora coffeeshop today. Been traveling since I have some free time. If anyone’s in the area (Houston, Texas), check them out! Has a fun Harry Potter / college university vibe with great coffee. Enjoy!


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