15 not so obvious Emergency Medicine apps

So my preceptor today showed me a great article covering the “dark side” of emergency medicine. I only got 3 paragraphs in before I was promptly whisked in another direction, unable to finish my read. It was so good I spent >20 minutes tonight searching Google with the 3 unique words I barely remember in an attempt to share it with my readers (still haven’t found it). The reason being no field is all sugarcanes and roses and clearly the chaotic and occasionally fatal environment of the ED is no exception. It’s never healthy to view something you like as “only” positive. Everything has its draw backs and if you’re not actively hunting those out you’re lying to yourself and asking for a nasty surprise in the future. So when I just happened to run across a flawless list of advanced medical education apps during my gloomy internet scavenger hunt I couldn’t have been happier.


This post, on a website I’ve never heard of, is simply amazing! I’ve occasionally browsed iTunes for well respected medical apps only to leave disappointed. Typically you’ll find expensive, so-so rated apps that are pushed heavily by their publisher and are huge F-ing wastes of time and more importantly money. Imagine my surprise when I see a list of 15 apps, most FREE, appearing far superior than most paid ones. Yeah baby! I was so happy I had to share with you all. There are apps covering Ortho, STDs, Toxicology, Ottawa Rules, Intubation, Ultrasounds, etc. making them not only beneficial to future EM docs but other specialities too. I hope a few of you enjoy these apps as much as I’m going to in the coming weeks. Enjoy!

Image Credit: [1]

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