Jia Jiang on Rejection – Ted Talk

I’ll keep this short for studying purposes. I love coming upon the right thing at the right time. Who doesn’t? Somethings it just feels like fate. So I’m about to start driving home with nothing to listen to (darn YouTubers and their non-daily uploads), when I start scrolling through YouTube’s “suggestion” column. That in itself is a dangerous place. YouTube is crazy accurate at pushing  everything you want to see: new channels, content, throwbacks, music videos, everything! It’s amazing. Rather quickly I see a Ted talk. I don’t hesitate and click. (If you’re unfamiliar with Ted Talks, it’s a presentation platform where they ask the best, brightest or just plain unique individuals to present a topic of their choosing at conferences around the world. Very inspirational stuff.) After the 15-minute video I shrug my shoulders and conclude it’s not the best one I’ve heard but I’m thankful as always I listed. At least I learned something or used a brain cell rather than my typical iTune songs repeating for the 47th time. However, it was the suggestion from YouTube’s suggestion that got me. At the conclusion of the first video a thumbnail appeared with the title “What I learned from 100 days of rejection” and it fit my mood perfectly. I knew it had to contain light hearted humor, a lesson and after seeing the video had nearly zero dislikes from 500,000+ views, I would be in for a treat. So without spoiling anything I recommend getting comfy for a couple minutes and appreciate the story of 1 mans journey through rejection and how it ultimately becomes his greatest accomplishment. Enjoy!

Image Credit: [1]

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