Introducing Dom Mazzetti

Tuesday quickly came and passed with an outstanding senior student’s last day (leaving an obvious void), an incredible amount of laughs and a surprising number of interesting & unique patients. I kept track of the numerous things I will write about in the coming days but I decided on something different for today. His name, Dom Mazzetti.

Dom is a fictional character played by Mike Tornabene and co-written/shot by his best friend Gian Hunjan. These two guys have been making me laugh for over 5 years. I first found them on YouTube in college when I was sent a link to a video of your typical college bro doing a vlog about, well, bro stuff. College life, girls, partying, lifting, social media, etc. What particularly attracted me to Dom’s videos was the fact that whatever I was currently experiencing in my life, he somehow could read my mind and would post a video which was 100% relevant to me. It was amazing! My friends just started using Snapchat, he had a video. The Harlem shake just came out and I thought it was stupid, yep, video for that. Spring break was coming up and I didn’t know what to do, you guessed it, Dom the man had something to say about it and it was guaranteed to be absolutely ludicrous. Dom & my college experience were synonymous with one another and those around me knew it.

The YouTube channel “Dom Mazzetti” lasted for a couple of years before the ingenious duo Mike & Gian created an even more ridiculous and hilarious channel “BroScienceLife” featuring none other than Dom himself! This channel served one fake purpose in life, to educate the small, the weak and the impressionable novice lifters at the gym about how to get swole as f*** through providing “expert”, non-scientifically proven advice using his self given name as “the brofessor“. This channel is still going at 108 videos and I’ve watched everyone of them within 24 hours of them going live. With every video there’s some new angle on how to make fun of themselves and those at the gym that take themselves too seriously. I used to lift regularly in high school and on and off in college and whatever comes out of their mouths is pure gold. So today when I was trekking my hour long commute home I was more than excited to see their latest creation popup in my notifications and be able to listen to it on my drive.

Following the sensational hit of his second YouTube channel Mike & Gion opened up their own brosciencelife website selling actual, but probably not any good, supplements, an actual BOOK written by Dom himself appropriately titled “The Swoly Bible” and my personal favorite, memorabilia with a “bro-twist” to the names. Examples include:

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 8.06.19 PM.png     Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 8.06.38 PM.png

What I find most interesting & daring is Mike Tornabene’s latest escapade in the realm of YouTube. He created a 3rd channel under his own name and produces it without Gion (since it sounds like he is currently focusing on other projects outside of the ongoing work of BroScienceLife). In it he drops his fake Bro accent, speaks openly about himself (and thankfully Mr. Mazzetti) and shares aspects about his daily life with his best friends which include outrageous adventures in a segment appropriately titled “GNARPM” including, but not limited to, learning to drive his first manual car & drifting it, playing Pokemon Go and buying a McLaren 570s and modifying it.

I hope you enjoyed the read and potentially a new channel or two to follow on YouTube. I had a blast writing this article since I have thoroughly enjoyed keeping up with these 2 jokesters for the last half decade of my life and want to give a huge, HUGE thank you to them! It’s crazy to think how much two people you’ve never met before can have such a profound impact on your life and in such a great fun way. Thank you Mike & Gian!!  Happy Tuesday to everyone and keep chugging, the weekend is just around then bend.

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