Scottsdale ‘Cars and Coffee’

I love car shows! I’ve been going to them since I was a kid. However, everything with time gets old. Same location, same cars, nothing jarringly exciting means your mind eventually goes numb to the experience. And it’s frustrating since I’ve attended great events over the years! The show I most frequently attended when I lived in Arizona was the Pavilion’s car show in Scottsdale, AZ (map). It takes place every weather permitting Saturday. So literally 52 weeks a year. If you go in the late afternoon it’s your typical car & bike show featuring 60’s mustangs, modern-classic corvettes and your average Joe’s weekend autocross machine. If you wait until the sun goes down the venue completely changes: vehicles worthy of the Fast and the Furious franchise appear (Toyota Supras, Nissan 350zs & Skylines, etc.) to make any import enthusiast’s head spin. But after seeing that +50 times over the years, that’s old news. While sometimes we’d get lucky and a Ferrari/Lamborghini would appear, so what? One car doesn’t make or break a show. So when I was back in town for vacation and heard of a high end exotic car show taking place in Scottsdale, you bet your a** I went!

And by Golly Gee Wilikers I wasn’t let down! The Scottsdale Cars and Coffee car show (map) happens on the first Saturday of every month from sunrise to ~10am and features only the best of the best in the automotive industry. (damn you Scottsdale and your deep pocket books). Endless Ferrari/Lamborghinis of every make/model? Check. Original 1920’s Bugatti worth more than my future net income? Check. Custom Audis, Mercedes, Nissans, you name it? Sure, why not. My personal favorite was witnessing a friendly race on the drive home between a 1970s Nissan 240z vs. a new F430 Ferrari. You can guess who ended up winning that one. I hope. Overall the show was awesome. Exotics on top of a cinnamon sugar bagel from Panera made for a perfect vacation morning. I’ll attach several of my favorite pictures I took below. Now back to the grind for me! Let peds start tomorrow 🙂




Image Credit: [1]

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