‘Logan’, The Wolverine Send Off We Deserved – 9/10

Wow. Can you believe it’s been 17 YEARS since we were first introduced to Hugh Jackman’s rendition of wolverine? I sure can’t. And I’m going to miss that guy! Walking out of the theater opening night, a friend and myself reminisced about our favorite scene from the original 2000 X-men where Logan slices a shotgun in half as the pellets fall to the floor in utter disbelief of the assailant. Cinematic perfect of my childhood!

Now, 17 years & 9 movies later, we say goodbye. For the final installment for this X-men character a lot has to happen. To set things in comical motion there’s a sneak-peak before the actual movie begins for Deadpool 2 which is utter perfection! (Let me just say no one is cast more perfectly than Ryan Reynolds. He’s one funny motherf*****!) Logan itself is set appropriately in the near future where mutants have nearly been eliminated and are in hiding. Both Logan and Professor X are struggling with their own unique problems and time is clearly not healing all wounds. Through in a young girl who’s being hunted for unknown reasons and clearly, nothing is going to go ‘according to plan’. What this movie does well is nearly everything. It transitions flawlessly between classic conversations of man vs. mutant, to literal head-rolling action scenes appropriately fitting the “R” rating, back to questioning what level of involvement people should have in others lives. Obviously we’ve grown to expect friction with the last topic between Professor & Logan. And this being a action film requires a villain. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of this particular one, his introduction was ruthless and quite memorable. The choreography itself was solid but there were multiple scenes where you could clearly tell the pace was sped-up. Considering the large portion of the movie revolves around a prepubescent girl and her utter annihilation of overly roided and tattooed black-ops, I could see why the director had to do this. Overall the movie left me feeling very satisfied but I did feel the length of this film at 141-minutes. I would obviously recommend this movie to anyone who’s a fan of the X-men series and/or any male between the ages of legal to prehistoric. This one’s for you guys.

Currently 93% critics – RottenTomatoes

SchmoesKnows YouTube Review

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