Favorite iPhone Apps 2017

I love recommending my most frequently used iPhone apps to those who might benefit. This is by no means a generic list of apps which I assume everyone uses (IMDB, Instagram, Gmail, etc.) but rather applications which I use at least once a week, streamline my life and possibly introduce a little fun 😉

Cash: Everyone I know uses Venmo, but why not use something simpler? The Cash app is made by the creators of Square Point (plastic white square tellers swipe your credit card through at smaller retail stores). Works identically to Venmo but with a cleaner look, no social media aspect (thankfully) and most importantly makes an uber-satisfying sound when you receive money 🙂


Snow: Literally Snapchat with 100x the filter options.

MapMyRun: My go-to running app. Now officially sponsored by Underarmor (haven’t noticed any differences/more adds), has GPS for exact route taken, speaks to you at each consecutive mile to inform you of pace and overall time and has the ability to send your stats to others to incentives some friendly competition. 😉

Google Photos: I was surprised by how many of my closest friends were NOT using google photos. Come on guys! App automatically backs up your entire photo/video library (with location tags) to your gmail account so if your phone gets lost/stolen/explodes (note 7)/etc., everything is saved.

Sync.Me: I hate how iPhones do not show contact’s photos. I need pictures! For a couple $$ Sync.Me pulls your Facebook/Google+ friend’s profile photos and inserts them into your iOS address book so that the next time someone calls you you’re looking at their pretty face and not their generic name.

ParcelTrack: I’m someone that incessantly must know where my Amazon packages are at all times and requires notifications for status changes in order to sleep. ParcelTrack has followed every one of my shipments, even the one that look 7 weeks coming from China through an obscure handler, flawlessly.


Find Friends: Stock iOS app that I didn’t know even existed until my friend needed my exact location to pick me up from the airport. Now 3 of us permanently share our locations for pure sh*ts & giggles and conversation starters when we notice each other’s little blue dots where they shouldn’t be 😉

PayPal: Everyone by now should at least know of PayPal (secured payment service started by eBay), but I use this app for one single reason: instantaneous notifications when a transaction has been made. Leaves me with peace of mind that no one has hijacked my account and bought 39,812 hello kitties erasers in Jamaica.

Health: Another stock iOS app that 99% of people ignore. Regardless of whether you do or not, Health tracks your steps/distance traveled/stairs climbed/sleep habits and is your free FitBit so thank you Apple for saving me $100. 🙂 [Click “Today” at the bottom and swipe left/right to compare your daily performance]


PopKey: Need to send a screaming Jonah Hill to perfectly express your inner emotions? Wondering how your friends send Gifs & all you send are stock emojis? There’s a good chance PopKey is the answer.

Zillow: I’m one that continually drives past beautiful homes for sale and wonder what they look like on the insider, or has friends casually asks what a “house like that would cost”. Well now I always know. I’ve used this app for ~4 years and is easily one of my favorites 🙂

Raise: Quickly purchase physical or electronic gift cards. I’ve used this when making larger purchases from retail stores since your savings here is separate from any coupons used. (example: $100 gift card bought for $90 on Raise, then apply 10% coupon at store  > ~$20 savings!)

PayRange: Recently I noticed most vending machines in my area accepted credit cards followed shortly after by bluetooth transactions through your cell phone. I simply load the app, add money to my account, select the drink on my phone and the beverage is delivered without ever touching the machine. Magic!

Gas Buddy: Living in the city it’s essential to find the cheapest gas and that’s all this app does. Love it.

Slickdeals: MY FAVORITE APP. Would rate 10/10. Users find amazing deals at any store and post them on this app. Then other users “like” their posts which bumps the best discounts/deals to the Frontpage resulting in Black Friday quality deals every day for anything from 4k TVs, power tools, free movie tickets, etc. The findings are endless! 🙂


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