Reviewer Promise

Sitting in class I quickly realized 2 things: (1) I literally have endless topics to write about! I figured I would struggle to come up with daily material to blog about but au contraire. The more I jot down the more topics just keep spewing out to discuss later. It’s unbelievable! It’s all this suppressed subconscious screaming to be heard by anyone that cares to lend an ear (or in this case, two eyes).


(2) I love reviewing things! I get really excited when new products/technology comes out. I read every prereleased spec sheet I can find, I watch every first impression and review on YouTube the second they go live and I love every moment of it! (even if 95% of the reviewers say exactly what the guy before him just did). I get so immersed by a product I might never actually buy that when I finally see it in person I typically know more about the device in my hand than the sales guy himself. Only problem is that most of the tech “reviews” are purely click bait. If you didn’t realize in todays internet era quality has unfortunately been replaced by clicks. The more clicks, the more ads you have to plow through to get to the content and subsequently the more $$ the author makes. Such a shame :/ What I have noticed is typically after investing in a product so many top-tiered reviewers recommend as “outstanding”, problems and quirks slowly begin to emerge which zero so called “experts” happened to mention. And there in lies the problem. REVIEWS should be exactly that. Only made following prolonged exposer to the product and after sufficient testing. Not who can use the device for barely a day and which video production team can crank out the first video with a solid thumbnail the quickest. Shame on you all! So I hereby promise that each review of my own will not only be penned solely by myself, express intellectual property which is of my own but most importantly only publish after I am thoroughly invested in the product (unless otherwise stated, such as the quick xbox one game review I wrote recently).


I originally drafted this to discuss & review iPhone Apps that I use daily but since this took longer than expected to write let this addendum be the cliffhanger for tomorrows piece 😉

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