Awesome “light” Xbox One games:

I spent the better part of the weekend bored and in front of the TV to my disliking. I attempted to use this time to try several of the games which I’ve amassed through monthly free xbox live games, Slickdeal and random spending sprees. Here are my favorites:

Tumblestone: up to 4 players local, select 3 identical colored blocks in a row & repeat until all blocks gone. Looks like upside-down Tetris. Simple at first but becomes frustrating when you trap the single block you need under another color and are forced to restart your entire stack over just to get it! First to 5 wins. Surprisingly fun & addicting!


Super Meat Boy: jump your oozing red-meat-thing (read bleeding flubber) to the bunny in order to win (Haha). Starts easy but quickly gets hard when there’s oscillating circular saws in your way. Levels last from literally 3 seconds to just under a minute. Repeat to beat the timer or choose “dark mode” for insane difficulty & a satanic feel? LOVED IT!


KALIMBA: You (and preferably a local buddy) control 2 different colored players in order to work together and complete levels. What’s unique is there’s certain areas only 1 color can go & times where you need to stack 4 characters on top of one another and jump sequentially in order to advance. 😉


Pool Nation FX: classic billiards game with outstanding graphics. I got skooled in 9-ball by the lady 😥


Peggle: You get 10 pin-balls (chances) to hit all highlighted dots. First minute was a “wtf is this game” but things quickly got competitive & hilarious with slow-motion actions shots & sound effects. Surprisingly fun!


Knight Squad: Simple 2D game (up to 4 players locally) where you fight for the “holy goblet” while slashing, arrowing, run speedily around the map and screening at your friend beside you.


#IDARB: 2D vertical handball/soccer game which plays like Mario? Ti-89 graphing calculator quality imagery but that’s half the fun!


NBA JAM: On Fire Edition: As close as an Xbox One user will get to “NBA Showtime” from the class N-64 90’s game (even includes big heads!)


None of these games were played for more than 60-minutes or taken too seriously. We several other light games but they were unfortunately either too “by the books boring” or seriously cringeworthy/pathetic. If interested I’ve listed those games below:

Defense Grid 2


The Deer God

Viva Piñata: TIP


Worms Battlegrounds

Sacred 3

Costume Quest 2

CastleStorm – Definitive Edition

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